ECS is proud to announce its 20th anniversary!


During the last twenty years ECS has grown to one of the leading facility management companies in Europe and is proud that their customers are some of the largest, best-known and demanding companies in the world.

What makes us special?

ECS is a family owned company, founded on the principles of friendship and giving its customers the ability to have excellent, consistent and innovative facilities management services all across Europe. After 20 successful years, ECS is better than ever – the revenues are strong, the pipeline is at an all-time high.

How did this dream come true? It all started through friendship and vision.

At the beginning of the 21st century, three friends, leading three respected companies in three countries, saw that the world was growing together – day by day. So, they chose to cross borders of collaboration – with a shared passion, and decades of experience in providing world class facilities management services. The three friends realized, what the costumers wanted: best-in-class FM providers who care about their employees. Reduction of their supplier base, cost control, shared best practices, access to emerging technologies and consistency across their geographic landscape. The three friends knew, what they all brought to the table: they could provide excellent local services. They could bring an intimate knowledge of all in-country rules and regulations. At the same time, they were able to provide pan-European coverage. Their respective firms knew all about central account management, fast and agile decision making and harmonized information systems.

Within a year, ECS was formed, and constantly growing. Ten distinguished, family-owned companies across Europe came together, with the same ethos of service excellence – and the journey began. All in all, ECS combines more than 500 years of experience, celebrated successes and mastered crises. We are proud of our accumulated annual turnover of close to 4 billion Euros, over 100,000 employees and full service provision – right across Europe.

ECS is looking forward to the challenges ahead and will successfully manage them as it has done in the last 20 years.

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