Insights from EXPO REAL

Real Estate and Facilities Management industry leaders have congregated last week at the EXPO REAL in Munich to address the key characteristics of the industry: internationalization and digitalization. As the biggest REFM industry get-together in Europe, attendees and exhibitors alike were eager to gain insights on the industry’s market opportunities and cutting-edge technology. The 3-day event included panel discussions covering a plethora of topics, ranging from geopolitical influences on the industry, to methods for dealing with urban development, and why investors are loving Germany. Commentators have stated that the trend of capital flowing from Asia into European markets will not be slowing down soon. Additionally, there is a growing focus on B and C locations, as these regions are less severely impacted by geopolitical turmoil. One major take away from EXPO REAL this year was the impact that digitalization, IoT and AI are having on the industry. While walking through the fair, it was common to see attendees testing out

VR Goggles and interacting with various robots. The phrase “believe it when you see it” rings true regarding the immersive element of using VR goggles to demonstrate the product to a prospective buyer. Essentially, buyers are now able to virtually step inside a property to gain a better understanding of the product. That is effective selling. Moving forward, European Customer Synergy S.A. is proud to have exhibited alongside WISAG and we are looking forward to next year’s EXPO REAL. There are many exciting opportunities and technologies to make use of in the coming months. Learn more about ECS people, process and technology by getting in touch with us at!

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