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European Customer Synergy S.A. (ECS) is a Pan-European facilities management company, headquartered in Brussels (B), delivering a full suite of facilities management services varying from single services to integrated facilities management solutions.

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Corporate Office


In the field of corporate facility management, our services make us a true pioneer. We excel in optimizing workspace usage, refining maintenance processes, and enhancing employee welfare. Our approach cultivates efficiency, curtails operational expenses, and offers centralized control over pivotal services including cleaning, security, and utilities, fostering amplified productivity and a thriving work milieu.


Shopping Center/ Retail


ECS specializes in shopping center/retail facility management solutions that ensure seamless operations. From maintaining cleanliness and security to optimizing tenant management, our services create appealing and secure shopping environments. This translates to higher foot traffic, improved tenant satisfaction, increased profitability, and simplified maintenance, all contributing to a positive customer experience.




(Pharma/Chemical, Metal, Car): Our Facilities Management solutions in the industrial sector guarantee operational efficiency, safety compliance, and asset upkeep. They minimize production disruptions, ensure regulatory adherence, and manage equipment maintenance. This boosts productivity, reduces risks, and sustains smooth operations, resulting in enhanced product quality and a competitive edge.




Facilities Management solutions in the technology sector optimize workspace layouts, manage IT infrastructure, and enhance energy efficiency. They support innovation, reduce operational costs, and ensure a conducive environment for tech teams. This fosters productivity, technological advancement, and a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving industry.




ECS' facility management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry ensure regulatory compliance, sterile environments and efficient operations. They improve the quality of drug production, reduce downtime and optimize resource allocation. This leads to optimized processes, cost savings, and ultimately the delivery of safe and effective pharmaceutical products.


Data Center


ECS Facilities Management solutions in the data center sector ensure uninterrupted operations, efficient cooling, and security protocols. They maintain optimal conditions for servers, minimize downtime, and manage equipment maintenance. This results in reliable data storage, enhanced cybersecurity, and consistent performance critical for digital operations.


We offer tailored integrated facilities management solutions.

Each customer is different. That is why ECS offers tailored integrated facilities management solutions. Based on a thorough analysis of your needs, requirements and strategic objectives and after consulting your stakeholders, we develop and present an industry leading solution.


Soft Services

ECS helps tenants and owners to enhance the well-being of their employees and to promote brand awareness by providing a comprehensive range of soft services.


Hard Services

ECS offers a wide range of reactive and proactive maintenance services to ensure the safety and welfare of your employees and guests, and which are generally required by law.


Office Services

ECS offers a wide range of reactive and proactive maintenance services to ensure the safety and welfare of your employees and guests, and which are generally required by law.



ECS News

We are delighted to present our ECS Newsletter, which is the second edition of this year.

Drees & Sommer Report

ECS is glad to share the Drees & Sommer Facility Management report, offering transparency on Facility Management providers in the European market and highlighting industry pioneers. For the third consecutive year, ECS has secured its position among the top pan-European Facility Management organisations! This achievement underscores the success of our innovative approach, proving that our commitment to exceeding expectations is delivering significant results.

Happy Anniversary Dolmans

The year 2023 is a special year for our Shareholder Dolmans Facility Management. This year, Dolmans celebrates its 65th anniversary and throughout the year, they have organised various activities to celebrate this special anniversary.

ECS Newsletter

We are delighted to present our first ECS Newsletter in 2023. Take a look behind the scenes of ECS. You will find innovations, we will introduce our Shareholders and of course you’ll find many insights into the development of our business.



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