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European Customer Synergy S.A. (ECS) is a Pan-European facilities management company, headquartered in Brussels (B), delivering a full suite of facilities management services varying from single services to integrated facilities management solutions.

Leading European Facilities Management Provider


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Operating throughout Europe
Providing FM services since 2001

Our mission and what we want to achieve.

Our mission is to be the leading local owner-driven Pan-European Facilities Management Services provider, most admired for providing peace of mind, highest quality, and delivering value enhancements for owners and tenants.

We are proud of more than 20 years business

We are proud of more than 20 years business Experience“ ECS was founded over 20 years ago on the principles of family, friendship and giving our customers the ability to have excellent, consistent and innovative facilities management services right across Europe. We are proud of our success and the customer list speaks for itself. Some of the largest, best-known and demanding companies in the world we work with. Collectively we bring to the market over 500 years of experience and we are looking forward to our exciting future.




Customer Focus




Our Commitment

European Customer Synergy is committed to upholding the principles set forth in the United Nations Charter. This commitment underscores our dedication to promoting peace, social progress, and human rights on both a local and global scale. By aligning our operations with the Charter's values, we strive to contribute to the betterment of societies, fostering cooperation and sustainable development. Our actions reflect a deep respect for human dignity, equality, and justice. Through responsible business practices, community engagement, and environmental stewardship, we aim to play a positive role in addressing pressing challenges such as poverty, inequality, and climate change. European Customer Synergy's unwavering support for the UN Charter serves as a guiding framework that informs our decisions and efforts to create a more inclusive, just, and harmonious world for present and future generations.

Our Contribution

European Customer Synergy places a paramount focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles as integral components of our business ethos. Environmental sustainability is upheld through rigorous resource management, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly practices. Our contribution to social responsibility is evident in fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces, supporting community initiatives, and upholding human rights across our operations. Stringent governance measures ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in all aspects of our business. By adhering to ESG standards, we aim to not only minimize our environmental footprint and enhance stakeholder relationships, but also drive innovation and long-term value. European Customer Synergy's unwavering dedication to ESG not only reflects our ethical responsibilities but also positions us as a forward-looking organization that prioritizes sustainability and positive societal impact.


Children`s Fond Kangoroo

The Kangaroo project promoted by Okin is a fund for children at risk whose goal is to provide children with temporary family care instead of institutional care until they can return to their family or until permanent substitute care can be found for them (adoption, foster care, third party custody).


Children`s Initiative KiWIS

The goal of the german children`s aid KiWIS by WISAG is to increase the educational opportunities of children and young people: The cildren`s aid wants to lay the foundation for a good future and contribute to a colourful and functioning society.

To this end, various programmes have been set up, ranging from local tutoring networks to scholarships and learning camps.



Iris supports the Belgian platform "Talent2Connect.be" which promotes the social aspect by enabling networking and collaboration between job seekers and employers, facilitating connections and fostering a sense of community in the Belgian labor market. In particular, low-skilled young people, people with reduced mobility, people over a certain age, migrants are supported here to find their place.


Youth Start

The 8-day "Youth Start" training in cooperation with IRIS enables young people to take their professional future into their own hands.
The training makes them entrepreneurial and leads more than 70% of the participants to take up self-employment, to look for a permanent job or to continue their education.


Chiquitania Project

Iris Landscaping Solutions creates, develops and maintains green interior and exterior office spaces. The "Chiquitania" project contributes to forest restoration by planting new trees through financial support, offsetting CO2 emissions while improving the lives of local people.


Zee Lepardstown Hospital

Employees at our shareholder Grosvenor in England are enabled to volunteer for local projects, granting them up to two half days per year.

One example of this is at Zee Lepardstown Hospital in Dublin, where the gardeners are supported and planted a number of trees. The garden is dedicated to palliative care and people at the end of life.


Disability Assured Program

Grosvenor is a member of disability assured, a government program that helps people with physical and mental disabilities reintegrate into the workforce.

Recently sponsored a charity and provided a large donation for gift bags that were distributed to people who have been less fortunate in life. In doing so, we not only contribute financially, but also in the form of staff hours or services.


`I Bambini delle Fate for the project "Fare Impresa nel Sociale"

La Lucente Spa has joined an important campaign launched nationwide by 'I bambini delle fate' called 'Fare Impresa Nel Sociale' whose mission is to make a concrete contribution to changing the lives of many boys and girls with autism or other disabilities and their families. "La casa di Pandora" is a reference centre for families with limited economic resources, enabling them to access effective therapy while raising awareness of the problem of autism throughout the community.


Donated scholarships

Our Italian shareholder Lucente S.p.A. has provided two scholarships for the Master's course "Circular Economy" offered by the Polytechnic University of Bari. Not only is the scholarship funded by the company, but they have also committed to hosting two students for an internship in the company.



ECS is committed to following and supporting the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To improve air quality, ECS has bought 500 trees. Spread over several countries in South America, ECS trees will grow here in the future, absorbing 144 tonnes of CO2. 


Deployment of the ECS Team

As part of ECS` commitment to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals, ECS employees actively support the KiWIS Foundation from the German shareholder WISAG. As teachers & supervisors they take part at learning retreats where children of WISAG employees have the opportunity to spend the autumn holidays in the mountains while doing academic training in the subjects of maths, German and English.


Fundacion Integra

Our Spanish Shareholder Sagital supports the program Fundacion Integra which promotes the social aspect by enabling networking and collaboration between job seekers and employers, facilitating connections and fostering a sense of community in the labor market. The Fundacion Integra focuses on the support of people with disabilities to integrate them into the labor market.



Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Fastenrath

Thomas Fastenrath is the Chief Executive Officer of European Customer Synergy S.A. He is an accomplished executive with over 20 years general management leadership of different sales companies and business units in affiliated organizations in Europe with a proven track record of increasing sales and profitability, both in growing and stagnating markets in the B2B segment with service-oriented programs.

Mr. Fastenrath is the General Manager of Wisag Service Holding Europa GmbH. He holds a business degree from the University of Cologne.



Chairman of the Board of Directors

Patrick Janssens van der Maelen

Patrick Janssens van der Maelen started his professional career as an intern at AMRO Bank in Rotterdam (1990-1991). In 1991 he joined IRIS Group as Management Attaché and he succeeded his father and became CEO of IRIS Group in 1995.

Mr. Janssens van der Maelen holds a degree in Applied Economics from I.A.G. (Louvain-la-Neuve).



Member of the Board of Directors

Michael Moritz

Michael Moritz joined the German Air Force in 1987 as Technical Director. In 1994 he joined WISAG as project manager and shortly after he took responsibility for a regional office. In 1996 he was appointed as General Manager for this region. From 1997 to 2002, he headed WISAG Facility Management Hessen. Since 2000 Mr. Moritz has been Managing Director of WISAG Facility Management Holding and since 2001 a member of the WISAG Facility Service Holding management board. His responsibility includes WISAG Gebäudetechnik since 2006.

Mr. Moritz holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bundeswehr (armed forces of Germany) University.



Member of the Board of Directors

Enrique Sanchez Abia

Enrique Sánchez Abia is the owner and CEO of Sagital Group, one of the leading facility services companies in Spain, where he has been working since 2006. Prior to joining Sagital, he was head of the legal department UNIDAD EDITORIAL, one of the largest Media companies in Spain. Mr. Sánchez Abia joined UNIDAD EDITORIAL as a junior lawyer in 1997. He also worked at KPMG after college in 1995.

Mr. Sanchez Abia holds a degree in law from the CEU University in Madrid as well as a Master in Business Administration from the IE Business School.



Member of the Board of Directors

Michal Jelinek

Michal Jelinek owner of OKIN GROUP. Active investor and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the outsourcing/offshoring industry, professional services, facility services, information services, RPA and AI. Passionate about introducing a cutting edge technology into labor intensive industries, enthusiastic about RPA, AI and low code platforms.



Senior Advisor

Bernd Jacke

Bernd Jacke has been working in the fields of technology and service in Germany and Europe since 1973. As a graduate of business administration, he led his own IT company from 1973 to 1978. After that he became the Associate and General Manager at an IT-service company in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. In 1982 he became General Manager at the “Rhein-Main-Rechenzentrum”, one of the leading German IT-companies at that time. After the Rhein-Main-Rechenzentrum was acquired by the TDS-Gruppe (today TDS AG) he headed the commercial department as the associate and general manager of the group. At the same time, he was chairman of the alliance “Europool”, which was a cooperation of eight leading European IT-service providers.

In 1994 Mr. Jacke started working in the facility management industry and led WISAG Gebäudereinigung, one of the three leading cleaning services companies in Germany, as Holding Director until end of 1998. In 1999, he also took responsibility for WISAG Sicherheitsdienste (security services). In 2000 Mr. Jacke was appointed to Chairmain of the Executive Management Board of WISAG Service Holding and retired in 2009.

Since 2009 Mr. Jacke is Executive Consultant and Senior Advisor for WISAG and acted as Chief Executive Officer for ECS from 2009 until April 2017. Since April 2017 Mr. Jacke also acts as Senior Advisor to ECS’ Executive Team.





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