Strategic Partnership with Kimberly-Clark Professional


Strategic Partnership with Kimberly-Clark Professional: ECS Customers to Benefit from More Than 145 Years’ Worth of Comprehensive Cleaning Expertise

18. May 2021 – Frankfurt am Main

ECS and Kimberly-Clark Professional have signed a 3-year strategic partnership, where Kimberly-Clark Professional will act as a preferred strategic partner for supplying washroom and wiping materials to ECS’s many customers across Europe.

As a pan-European facilities management company with over 400 locations in 41 European countries, ECS offers a full suite of facilities management services varying from single services to integrated solutions. The company regularly enters into strategic partnerships with experts in various fields relevant to building management, thus maintaining an outstanding performance for customers and optimally preparing for new challenges. With Kimberly-Clark Professional as its latest strategic partner, ECS has now brought on board one of the world’s leading producers of hygiene solutions.

Hygiene – crucial for a healthier, safer and more efficient workplace

For more than 145 years, Kimberly-Clark and its trusted brands – Kleenex®, Scott®, WypAll®, and Kleenguard®, amongst others – have played an essential role in the daily lives of people from more than 150 countries. Because of their vast experience in all things hygienic, the company knows and anticipates the challenges that cleaning professionals face every day. In industry, public areas and office complexes, many different working and communal areas converge. But no matter how significantly workflows may differ in individual areas, hygiene is – besides smooth and efficient processes – essential throughout, since it can break the chain of germ transmission and thus plays a crucial part in ensuring human health.

As a strong partner, Kimberly-Clark Professional supports ECS customers to choose the right products for specific tasks and offers solutions focusing not only on hygiene, but also on reliability and cost-effectiveness. The vast portfolio includes, for example, single-use paper towels, which are critical for superior hand hygiene, single sheet dispensing systems to ensure you only touch the sheet you use, and one-wipe-clean dispensers without dirt traps that are both efficient and the most hygienic dispensers on the market.

Sustainable solutions for reducing cleaning time by 40 %

In addition, Kimberly-Clark Professional’s compressed products ensure reduced waste, less storage space and less handling effort. The latter in particular is an often underestimated cost factor, as tasks such as refilling conventional paper and soap dispensers tie up a lot of the cleaning staff's time: 17 % of total washroom cleaning is typically spent on this task alone. Kimberly-Clark’s solutions can reduce this time by 40 %. The dispensers’ rounded design and the consistent implementation of the never-run-out principle contribute to this, along with a remaining roll function that allows a second roll to be refilled while the first is not yet empty. Furthermore, the company’s innovative foam soaps are not only very easy to replace via cartridges, but also help reduce consumption: 1,000 ml are enough for 2,500 hand washes – in contrast to conventional liquid soaps, which run out after only 1,000 times and use up to 56 % more water.

Kimberly-Clark Professional guarantees responsible and environmentally friendly manufacturing of all its products. This is part of a long-term sustainability strategy that extends throughout the entire product life cycle and has at its heart the dedication to design out waste and pollution, reusing products and materials, and regenerating natural systems.

Taking a successful working relationship to the next level

This comprehensive approach has convinced ECS to offer a privileged partnership to the company, thus ensuring that customers have easy access to the vast portfolio and knowledge of Kimberly-Clark. “Over recent years it has been increasingly clear that our organisations share many similar values in helping to deliver the best customer experience,” ECS’s international Sales Director, Gordon Adams, stated. “ As a part of that we look forward to offering Kimberly-Clark Professional’s ‘Exceptional Workplace’ experience to all our customers, and in doing so, helping to deliver in a number of key areas such as improved hygiene, productivity and, of course, cost reduction.”

Nathan Bennett, Global Key Account Manager for ECS at Kimberly-Clark Professional added, “It’s a real pleasure to elevate our successful working relationship with ECS, and my team and I look forward to offering ECS’s customers our proven range of solutions which will absolutely contribute to healthier, safer, and more productive working environments in this increasingly challenging landscape.”

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